Tips for lifestyle buyers – holiday or new home?

If you don’t view a property solely as an investment but rather for personal use, then you are a “lifestyle” buyer. And as a “lifestyle” buyer, your first questions should be: What are my motives and where should I buy? Clarifying these points is important to ensure that you acquire an apartment or house that meets all your needs.

Will your new residence be your primary home? Or do you intend to use your property as a vacation home for only a limited time each year?

Let’s say you’re settling down permanently. In that case, you’ll most likely need more living space than if it were just a vacation property. Think about all the belongings you own and wouldn’t want to be without in your new home. Not to mention the things you’ll need to buy locally.

Of course, you’re also considering the future and asking yourself: “What if…”. Will I still be working for the same company in a few years that’s still nearby today? Will my family possibly grow larger? Has the infrastructure already developed, or should I be concerned that a skyscraper might soon obstruct my beautiful view? Can I sell my property quickly and profitably if necessary? These and other questions influence your decision regarding the residence, location, and size of your apartment or house.

If your future property is intended as a vacation retreat, consider how many days or weeks you’ll use it each year. Perhaps a reasonably sized studio will suffice for you and your partner, knowing that a two-bedroom apartment makes cohabitation more comfortable, despite all the love. Maybe you’d like to occasionally lend your apartment or house to others, such as friends and acquaintances, for a few days?

If your budget for purchasing a property is limited, also consider what’s important to you and what you’ll want to do during your stay. Is it the ocean view and proximity to the beach that you want to enjoy every day? Then you’ll need to expect a higher purchase price or compromise on the size of your living space. Or do you prefer a short distance to the city for shopping and strolling? Or to enjoy the nightlife? Then a more affordable, possibly smaller property will be just right for you.

The purchase of a property, whether as a primary residence or vacation retreat, is likely one of the more significant decisions you’ll make in your life. Therefore, take the time to carefully assess your needs and desires before making a snap decision that you might regret later.

Part of my role is to provide thorough guidance and consider all aspects that personally concern you. Let’s discuss it, and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Michael Vender

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