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Tips for lifestyle buyers – holiday or new home?

If you don't view a property solely as an investment but rather for personal use, then you are a "lifestyle" buyer. And as a "lifestyle" buyer, your first questions should be: What are my motives and where should I buy? Clarifying these points is important to ensure that you acquire an apartment or house that meets all your needs. Will your new residence be your primary home? Or do you intend to use...

Costs associated when purchasing real estate

When you purchase a house or an apartment, you typically agree on a payment plan with the seller, especially if the property is still under construction. This payment plan is set by the developer but can be negotiable in some aspects. Here's how it typically works: Reservation Fee: Whether you've made a final decision or need more time to think, a written reservation is usually agreed upon at the...

Tips for Investors – is it just Location?

Before purchasing a property, your first question should be: why am I buying? Is it for my future primary residence? Or a vacation home? Or do I want to invest my money in a property? If you consider purchasing a property solely as an investment, it's important to "think with your head, not with your heart." So, rational thinking? Yes and no. Base your decision on what you would personally buy for owner...

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