Constructing on your private Land

Many property purchaser prefer to live in a gated community, having a 24/7 security and maintenance service and many neighbors. Reasons: safeness and service, especially if they travel sometimes back to their home country and do not use their property in Thailand to 100%.

But it is becoming increasingly popular to select a beautiful piece of land outside a housing estate with the aim of building a house according to one’s own taste.

Admittedly, it shouldn’t be too lonely. Having neighbors would also be very nice, although not too close.

So, if you don’t want to live inside a housing estate, the option is to buy (or lease) a land plot with the target to construct a house based on your wishes and ideas.
The purchase prices for such properties are much cheaper than within a residence because the development costs for an entire residential complex are much higher and there are no maintenance fees.

So you will put your garbage bag outside the door yourself and monitor the property using sophisticated technology – CCTV, alarms, fire alarms – controlled by mobile phone applications. And if you should be a little more worried, there are always cost-effective solutions.

To plan and implement all this carefully, you need a reliable partner.

That’s Immo.

Immo offer one-stop services. We are a team with creative Architects and professional Contractors for making your dream comes true. And: we manage the entire construction process and report regularly to our customers.

We accompany you from the beginning and advise you on all matters. We have many Land plots to offer that could suit your needs. And if not, we will look  for the right property for you and check the title deed, the real value and possible encumbrances.

If the land has to be leased, as foreigners are unfortunately not allowed to own land, our asset company will buy the land and make a Land Lease Agreement with you for the legal period. This is the safest way. You can find out more about this in our blog: “Buying property in Thailand – What you should consider”

After being sure that everything is ok, we collect your wishes and combine them with our ideas and experience. We create initial designs and technical drawings, in order to find a wonderful solution for your dream house.

It is important for you to know that we use the best materials available to ensure long lasting top quality. Our quotations and construction agreements show details about such material and brandnames for any fitting and accessory. We reveal everything.

Water pipes, for instant, are one of the most underestimated parts. Cheap plastic pipes, mostly not visible in the walls or over room ceilings, are often used for saving money and “because we have always done it that way”.
But what’s happening if something went wrong, is broken and leaking?
We install “Made in Germany” products from PIMATEC. The Pimaflex multipipe Push-Fittings provide a fast, efficient and convenient installation method, are safe and long lasting, clean and not leaking. And surprisingly not much more expensive than the plastic pipes.

Sustainability is not only a trendy term. We are specialised in Renewable Energy and offer solutions for generating power by Solar which is a most promising solution for being independent and for saving money. Rain water harvesting is also a part of using nature sources and saving governmental water and costs.

Air conditioning and water pumps account for a large proportion of energy costs. But modern Air-cons are running by inverter technologies which saves at least 30% on energy costs. Normal water pumps for the house ar not critical but the pumps for the swimmingpool which run 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening consume a lot of energy. Therefore, it is important to use top modern eco pumps which costs a little bit more than normal pumps.

After clarifying all needs and nice-to-have we then construction will start. The construction management will provide weekly reports on the progress and will document it with photos.

There will certainly be ideas and requests for changes and additions during construction. Don’t worry, we are flexible enough to make everything possible without wasting time.

Of course, we have no objection if you would like to appoint someone to carry out additional checks during the construction.

Last but not least:
Immo cares for all officially registrations, required construction permits and certificates.
We team with local and international lawyers. Because of this, we are able to offer proven, fair and lawful agreements in regard of construction, Land Purchase and Land Lease.

Whatever it is, we are at your side and help.

Some words to professional investors: If you are planning a housing project for constructing exclusive villas or setting up a luxury Residence for the Elderly, or a hotel… we are here to support you. Many years ago, I was active as a Management Consultant and know how to create a Profit-Loss calculation and Business Plan. Moreover, to find the right place for realising your ideas will be a challenge which we love to master. It’s our obligation, take us at our word.

Let’s talk about.

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